Urvashi Puri

I came into the world like the rest of you. A blank canvas. My life quickly became complicated so I did too. Reiki &Yoga found me in the depths of despair and revealed to be a world more beautiful than the one I was born into. That's where I've lived ever since

Share self-healing tools and exploring more of them with my environment and people around has become my Path. 

My path has taken me through extensive study which includes:

- Doctorate of Alternative Medicine - IBAM Kolkota

- Certified childbirth  & Postpartum Doula IDI, Phil. USA 

- P.G. Nutrition & Dietetics  - P.G.I. Chandigarh

- Reiki Master   Usui School of Reiki, Delhi  

- Yoga Shiromani - Shivananda school of Yoga, Kerala 

Have been Sharing and Exploring with :

- Reiki Presentation to Clinical Staff at "Vista del Mar Child and Family Services" in Los Angeles.

- Reiki Presentation to "Ministry of Youth and Sports Ministry" at Pamplemousses, Mauritius.

- Working with various Nursing Homes and Hospitals to Compliment Reiki & Yoga with medical practice.

Currently, I am working with animals, as a Life coach for Pregnant women, Nurses, People suffering from depression, Children with special needs.

Core Beliefs :

Becoming a certified Doula has certainly enriched my path as an educator, Nutritionist, and holistic healer for New Mothers, Father's babies, and animals too.

Reiki & Yoga together give me an opportunity to combine my passions for teaching and healing.

Educating New Parents and families on the role of holistic practices for themselves and the unborn child and it's contribution to providing a calm and peaceful foundation, as the child prepares itself to come into this world is a part of my work.

I believe that the right spiritual support along with positive psychological, physical, and emotional support before, during, and after birth has an important impact on parent and child bonding and relationship with the family.