Tips for ‘Making this world a happy Place’ Starting a Reiki Business

Updated: Jan 27

Earn Reiki Certification and exchange ideas to spread it

If there’s a common thread among Reiki practitioners, it’s their belief that “This world will be happy place, If Every one took responsibility of their own happiness”,Which is where Receiving Reiki brings us to.

Developing one’s Reiki practice sounds like an exciting way to do that, but how do you start, then watch it grow?

These tips will help:

1. Determine Goals

This doesn’t require a spreadsheet. Even an index card will do to begin. Choose a clear goal, meaning numbers and dates. It could be the number of weekly clients you want to have by a specified number of months.

Developing a successful practice requires continual planning and updating goals. Use Reiki to help you develop a positive mindset for achieving a succession of objectives.

2. Offer Top Skills

Earn certification as a Reiki master/teacher. Continue learning by exchanging ideas with other practitioners,Stay in touch.

Incorporate new methods or ideas into your practice one at a time. When one works well, develop it further. When one fails, drop it and learn from it.

3. Tackle the Practical

Starting any business requires some basic legal considerations. An income tax professional can help you make the best decisions tax-wise for developing your practice. Before your first session, be sure to address these areas:

Choose a business module, for example, sole proprietorshipPick a business nameObtain business license(s)Learn about taxes and record keepingChoose a locationDevelop a client intake form

4. Market, Market, Market

How? Order some sharp business cards and friends or interested people to hand them to others. Offer a free “Reiki evening” once a month to attract potential clients. Have a pro help you design a web site and put its URL on your business card. Develop a mailing list. Volunteer to give talks on Reiki in your community.

One could also consider exchanging treatments with other alternative therapists. Trading a Reiki session for a massage is an enjoyable way to market your business.