Coronavirus - lockdown An opportunity

The Current times demand that we take children into confidence and make them aware of Global Pandemic,How one Communicates is very important.

1: Trust Yourself to Talk to them:

Before you decide to talk to them, please address & resolve your own fears, this will help you  Pick your words wisely.Or else your fears, apprehensions, panic will reach them . Explain to them the nature, the support, the precautions and prevention and role of science in finding a cure for it.

2: Listen to Them:

  Give them time to speak share their concerns, apprehensions Acknowledge their strong emotions,"How do they feel?" before suggesting "What you think is going to make them feel better." as they do have information from other source than just you.

3: Be Honest:

Being yourselves- honest, available, engaging, and treating them as respectful Individuals is enough to connect with them .You don’t have to out do yourself to create a bond with them.Say "No" when required.You know your Needs and Limitations truthfully share with them ,when you are tired or don’t have the correct answer, or  when you are running out of ideas to play together.

4: Share "An Opportunity" of Lockdown:

  To be home with Parents and Siblings is a Fun time in itself.Lets Focus on this aspect of Lockdown.One can choose one’s own time to work, to play and to rest. As an adult ensure what is decided in the morning is followed thru the day, and best way to inculcate this behaviour in kids is by being consistent in following it yourself.

Make it a Play,Each one  gets the opportunity to be the leader of the day, designate "A Day"  to one person at a time, when this person decides the routine for the day - working hours, hours to play  and hours to alone time, rest of the family members should follow.

5: Be Smart : Treat them as your Partners:

Staying-in at home is natural to kids except that they have so much energy and find it difficult to contain it without going out to play. Involve them with certain tasks at home.Let them be responsible for reminding each one in the house to wash their hands, not to touch their face, make sure sanitisers/soaps are in place.

Note for Parents:

Suggested tips work very well for kids upto the age of 8 years and more if handled tactfully.

Remember this is an opportunity also for us as parents ,Since it is the need of hour, Lets allow our selves to re connect with our own selves, Learn from kids ,Play and share your space with them, enjoy the messy bedrooms. Let's just Be…. We can be Home and Do Nothing .. that too without feeling guilty :-)

Actually if you Decide together with kids the Time you would spend with them and Time each one of you will have on your own, you will be surprised to see how they let you have Your time peacefully.

Except for exercising more Patience than them,It is Okay !! we can allow our selves to be Kids with our Kids.

Share your plans and thoughts to create memories for the family.