Ma - The Foundation

Updated: Jan 27

"A Mother" The foundation to a Progressive,Healthy & Happy Society :

Feeling of being nurtured & unconditional love is the gift of my Mother that has been showered on me effortlessly forever, perhaps she does not even realise her own power and ability to cope with my tantrums and yet making me feel loved day after day , irrespective of how old I am.

MA, My mother who took up a job to support the family financially when my father needed to travel for a job.Single handedly looked after her children's needs,household, her husband's needs and Her Job, With a smile on her face,not even once did her children sleep without listening to her stories.

Today, at the age of 79 years,my mother stays at home looking after her home, herself and her social life.She is living by herself and all her children are living independently, she has decided to take up Sitar Lessons again,she looks content peaceful and perfectly happy with her life.

Being a Woman myself I can relate to it even more and understand that being a daughter,wife and Mother at the same time, is not as easy as our mothers made us feel,it truly is a special driving force from with in that can make us play these different roles we aquire in life as we move from one phase of life to another.

I am sure most of us can relate to this story , feel the power of "The Woman" in a Mother and Agree that “Mother” truly can be the most effective Teacher & Guide.

Today, when our society is in need to empower women for bringing peace balance & security in the society. I wonder , Who , other than "A Mother" can we look upto in the society to bring this awakening.

"Mother's Day",A perfect opportunity of being a mother ourselves ,to recognise our own power , respecting & feeling secure in our woman hood, Celebrating with our families especially children.

Fathers, Lets take this opportunity to spend time with our sons sharing & teaching them to respect & recognise the Power of female energy and look beyond the physical strength as a yard stick for Power & with our daughters to feel comfortable ,content, happy and secure for their own feminity.

In Nutshell spend Time making them understand the importance of their own Individual identities together with creating awareness of the Need to respect & exist in harmony with both Male & Female energies for a Progressive , Healthy and Happy society.