Joys of Being a Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master is not the end of the journey; it is only the beginning of your own personal and spiritual development.

Journey of becoming A Reiki Master; is learning tools to keep oneself motivated to stay on the path maintaining the balance of outer and internal worlds.

Besides teaching , the additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge adds value to one’s healing abilities.

Treating one’s own self, giving yourself and others healing attunment and treating others in person and at a distance is noticeably improved.

By Attaining Reiki Master training ,One’s personal vibration level is increased , Which Adds to the vibration of the whole planet!

As Reiki Teacher, the fact that you can pass Reiki on to friends and family is a definite plus, besides which ,one of the greatest Joys of Reiki Masters

hip is the thrill of witnessing the receiver’s (members of your Reiki class) receiving Reiki energy during the attunment

Then, as you guide them in its use & Watching them experience their joy and amazement as it's gentle power flows through them for the first time.

As your students use Reiki to help family, friends and clients, a wonderful sense of spiritual connection will develop between all of you.

Imagine Feelings of compassion and love for everyone will be strengthened as you merge with the Reiki Consciousness and Experience more deeply that we come from God and that we are all one in God.

The third degree is a natural progression for those who want to teach Reiki. The more Reiki teachers we have; the more people will be introduced and drawn to Reiki. This is in my opinion - vital. By Teaching Reiki ,One is teaching their students to take responsibility of their own being, happiness and also of their sorrows.

The world as a community needs to Re -learn to live together and come to realise that we are all connected and should live in peace and harmony. With the ability to heal the Past, Reiki can help heal the times that drive us apart.

The more people in tune with Reiki ,the better our world will undoubtedly become!!.

Do let me know if you have any questions or doubts

regarding Reiki Teacher’s Training (Master)!!

Looking forward to keeping in touch !.