From the steps of my temple ...

Attending a Panel discussion (Can Alternative therapies assist in healing the Heart diseases) yesterday ( 6th July 2015), was very encouraging specially to witness an attempt of bringing allopathic and Complementary medicine together by two very eminent cardiologists and an Alternative therapy practitioner. Interestingly, allopathic medicine (Dr. Ghosh & Dr Chopra) appeared to be more receptive and open to integrating Alternative/Complementary therapies, in their (Allopathic) practice, than Alternative Practitioner (Dr Tuli), in his Alternative system of healing. Having said that, I wish our panelists had touched upon the role of “proper breathing” and “Fear “ along with the Diet, especially Dr. Tuli to throw some light on breathing, Trust and Fear very important physical and mental activities, from an Alternative practitioner’s prospective. It was a great opportunity to explain the role of alternative practices to over come these issues without medicine.

Message to Dr Chopra :- It was such a delight to hear you even mention “Conciousness” yesterday along with very scientific conditions to keep our heart healthy. Proper understanding and attitude towards Conciousness can actually bridge the Wide gap we Humans have created between Spiritual and Scientific worlds, and perhaps is most helpful to keep oneself “Motivated” to keep moving on the “ Path of Growth”,whether it is Spiritual Or Scientific Or even Material growth.

Message to Dr Ghosh:- Thank you for sharing and expressing your openness of integrating complimentary practices along with allopathic medicine in a very balanced attitude. It would have been really useful to know about the role of “Breathing” along with the Diet, in order to reverse the heart condition Or even to maintain a healthy heart.

Message to Dr. Tuli :- Dr Tuli (Alternative med. Practitioner),It was very interesting & impressive to know your wide knowledge & experience of so many Alternative therapies inspite of being a Doctor of allopathic medicine. I only wish you had taken the opportunity and displayed the same openness to wards other healing systems , as the other panelists did. It was such an apt opportunity to bring the role and relevance of alternative/Complimentary therapies , in supporting the physical immunity to help the mind to calm down, which is really important for any medicine or surgery to support the human body.

Acceptance & tolerance of the existing surrounding / environment is the key to become fearless, and fearlessness helps human mind & Heart to have the courage to accept / indulge and believe in Oneself which is probably an important ingredient to keep one’s “Motivation” alive to continue to move on “The Path of Growth” whether it is to keep one’s Heart healthy OR help oneself to tap into one’s own reserves to grow and become one with consciousness to be in the state of Happiness or Bliss.

Just to conclude, I would like to congratulate “Life Positive” foundation to create opportunities for the Healers from different streams to come together & make a conscious effort to work out holistic solutions for the society to remain healthy. It would be encouraging to see more alternative/complimentary therapists in this light.