Simply Practice

Springtime, a flower blooms. Awakening in silence, now speaking the language of fragrance. No different from the freshly initiated practitioners of Reiki, all full of promise, ready to explore the mysteries of life force energy.

May this year bring an experience of profound love into your life, especially when you feel the sting of adversity, may you reach for your Reiki practice rather than reacting out of pain, frustration and confusion.

In all these years, it is this blossoming of people that has most fascinated and captivated me and has brought me immense happiness. Unfortunately though, I have also witnessed the gradual exclusion of Reiki from the lives of a few, after acquiring the ability to tap into the life force and creating the loving environment in their lives.

This made me delve further into the reasons why one would refrain from practicing Reiki on a regular basis.

Here are a few reasons I can think of looking back in my experience of life ...

- After practicing Reiki for a certain period of time, for some there are no changes that can be perceived immediately. Hence, they get disheartened and allow doubts to creep in regarding the effectiveness of Reiki.

- It is not uncommon for people to lose focus midway and become complacent about their discipline and regular Reiki practice.

-A line of thought that prevails is that once one has been initiated into the practices of Reiki, the divine energy will now take over and do the rest of the work without any effort on the part of the channel.

-There are some that take to Reiki in order to solve an immediate problem or achieve an immediate goal, the accomplishment of which causes them to revert back to their life without Reiki.

In spite of being aware of the fact that the daily practice of Reiki keeps one in touch with the loving environment deep within oneself which is reflected externally creating a loving environment around oneself, one some times succumbs to the mental patterns and gets pushed away from his/her daily practice.

At the end of the day, Reiki works with different people in different ways, the only constant with this practice is that it helps to create a loving environment.

Lets bring out our doubts and share them with each other to help each other overcome the resistances to continue with the practice every day -- Lets help each other Tap into our own Potential and Create a Loving environment in each others lives.