Dr. Urvashi Puri

I feel I am fulfilling my life's purpose by helping people to explore themselves & share self healing tools.

My path has taken me through extensive study which includes:

- Doctorate of Alternative Medicine - IBAM Kolkota

- Certified child  birth  & Postpartum Doula IDI, Phil. USA 

- Post Graduate Diploma of Nutrition & Dietetics PGI, Chandigarh

- Reiki Master (teaching internationally)    

 Traditional,Usui ,Delhi  

- Certified Yoga Teacher - Shivananda,Kerala 

For the last 23 years, sharing of awareness entrusted on me by my Masters, has exposed me to touch many lives.Central to my beliefs is our ability to apply this wisdom to our busy modern lives. By doing this we can achieve balance, peace, contentment and love. My extraordinary spiritual Masters, continue to this day, guide me on my journey to you.


Andy Llyod

"I offer reiki and meditation at my  studio in Melbourne, Australia my journey with reiki started with a  Reiki training programme in London in 2013, Offering and Practice of Reiki kept me motivated to become a Reiki Master in Delhi in 2015. 

Reiki has become an integral part of my life and teaching.  

Reiki helps me to stay grounded, connected and Balanced thru number of different Roles I need to be in, to execute different business.

Integrating Reiki has helped me to follow the natural flow of life".   

Christina Munoz


I received my Reiki Levels 1 and 2 in Austin, Texas led by Urvashi Puri in

October of 2016.  My Master Level, I received in Indian Himalayan Region with Ushi .

This experience was truly life changing!

After coming home to Los Angeles, I was led

organically to do Reiki for horses at the Equestrian Center in Griffith

Park. Many of the horses there are rescues that need a lot of (TLC) Tender

Loving Care. I am

currently developing my practice which is inclusive of animals. Lol  

I am looking forward to assisting Ushi on her teaching workshops 

There is always more to learn :)